May – Weddings & Romance Galore At Bear Mtn Lodge

May 2009 has certainly been the most romantic month in Bear Mountain Lodge’s history.

May 17th — our first large wedding took place with a rainy start. Michael, always the Marine attitude, decided that the bride wasn’t going to walk through soaking wet grass to the pergola so he got out his commercial leaf blower and blew dried the grass. The bride was absolutely gorgeous and her little flower girl was so adorable – don’t they all run at the end of the aisle right to their Moms? After the ceremony the couple had pictures taken in the backyard and they were so happy when the DJ announced their entry into the greatroom. Great food and dancing filled the Bear Mountain Lodge and the newly weds celebrated with their loved ones.

My first post on eloping may have been skewed as we’d just had one the day I decided to start our blog. Seeing this family celebrate the beginning of this couple’s new life and their faces beaming with joy made me realize that weddings certainly are meant to be a family event.

May 29th — Three couples check in. One is getting married here this weekend with several family members attending the ceremony. Another is celebrating their first anniversary. And on Saturday morning the other couple headed out to Cannon Mountain to do some hiking. Unbeknownst to her, he had an engagement ring in his pocket and couldn’t wait to get her to the top to pop the question.

May 30th — The wedding is taking place. She’s radiant and again Mr. Rain showed his ugly head so the leaf blower made another guest appearance. The ceremony is just about to start, our anniversary couple is watching from the greatroom, my 7yr. old daughter Emily and her friend Carly are in the dining room giggling saying “her dress is so pretty” and the newly engaged couple has made it back from Cannon and is showing us her ring — three couples, three wedding stories all in different stages on the same day. The only thing missing was an older couple who’d been married for many, many years. I guess Michael and I qualify somewhat as we’re celebrating 12 years this August.

Many, many happy years to the couples who have entrusted us with their weddings, anniversaries and engagements!!!